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Mechanical Designer- CAD

Chicago, IL - Burns & McDonnell

They're looking for: mastered detailing skills and have demonstrated basic knowledge in design, calculations and design systems.

I'll be responsible for: responsible performing a variety of routine assignments using prescribed methods and standard techniques.

I'll also be responsible for: drawing sequence and presentation, sizing various system components and refining rough sketches.

I can expect to make: $14.41 hourly, $66,960 annual

People who work here say: The people. Everyone here works as hard as they can toward a shared mission.

They also say: Leadership is not taught or valued here - and it's needed. Managers are not empowered to make decisions for their departments, and they are not listened to.

The cost of living is about: $2.80/gal for gas, $1400/mo for rent (900 sq. ft), and $33 to go to dinner for two

I may be promoted to: Medical Assistant Manager

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